We are grateful for our relationships with owner-operators, dealers, and haulers nationwide.

Wheaten Financial

Nearly one decade ago, Wheaten’s soon-to-be-owner had an idea. On an otherwise uneventful road trip, she looked around at the vast amounts of commercial trucks surrounding her on the highways and knew that regardless of trends in the consumer goods, transportation, and finance markets, the commercial trucking industry was not going anywhere. She used her extensive background in sales and finance, as well as her entrepreneurial spirit, to start Wheaten Financial, Inc.

Did you know that more than 80% of all consumed goods travel on at least three different trucks before reaching their final destination?

Through Wheaten Financial, you will find a wide variety of programs available through our lenders.  We are able to work without restrictions such as age, mileage, credit score or homeownership, so give us a call. We promise a live person will answer the phone and get you on your way to a fast approval!

We are an A-F finance solution, providing lending to individuals and companies of all credit qualities, and financing equipment ranging from $5,000 to $2.5 million and up.

Wheaten Financial is proud to be a leading full-service commercial transportation and general equipment finance company with service nationwide. We offer specialty financial products with a quick turnaround (get approved in 24 hours!) – and we strive to find a finance package that will meet your specific needs.

The commercial trucking industry is a key component to the American economy’s success. We are grateful for our relationships with owner-operators, dealers, and haulers nationwide, and we want to see you succeed!

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